Friedman, Enriquez & Carlson is a versatile, full-service law firm with a broad base of experience handling the business and personal affairs of national, regional and local clients. We take great pride in the extent of our involvement with each client. Although our partners are of "senior partner" stature, we are definitely "hands on".

Because of our size, we can efficiently manage overhead costs, thereby offering you unparalleled legal services at competitive fees. Dedicated to obtaining results for you, we pursue your interests resolutely and keep you current on all matters.

If you come to us as a litigation client, our first priority is to provide you with our best preliminary judgment about the merits of your position. If you come to us as a business client, we make it our business to learn your business and we do it on our time, not yours. Truly understanding our client's needs enables us to develop an educated view of the big picture and help you achieve your goals.

At FE&C, full service comprises both taking care of your immediate legal problems and helping your business grow. To that end, we go the distance to develop opportunities that will help you expand. Our success is based on the expertise of our lawyers, the caliber of our legal work and the total immersion in the business of our clients. We make certain that we are current on all changes in the law that may affect our clients.

The bottom line is that we really care about what we do. We judge our success by what we have accomplished for our clients at the end of the day.

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